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Ayşem Kandıralı - Konfida 2024 auto_awesome_motion

Konfida 2024

This year, Japanese culture inspired our collaboration with Konfida. I used traditional and modern details in our calendar, poster and postcard works. My areas of inspiration were Japanese minimalism, The Tale of Genji, Kai-awase Shell and Japanese fireworks illustrations.


Ayşem Kandıralı - Kaimakk auto_awesome_motion


Kaimakk, a Terha project, has a fairytale-like place at Istanbul Airport. For Kaimakk, I prepared an illustration inspired by One Thousand and One Nights. You can see this mystical and magical work on the surface of the Mountain Tea box.


Ayşem Kandıralı - Melez Tea Musical Collection auto_awesome_motion

Melez Tea Musical Collection

We prepared the Musical Collection with Melez, the lifestyle tea brand. Collection includes 6 illustrations for 6 types of tea: Mambo, Hogaku, Soul, Sonata, Disco and Rock. While working on these drawings, I imagined each musical genre to have its own color palette, fashion sense and spatial details.


Ayşem Kandıralı - Konfida 2023 auto_awesome_motion

Konfida 2023

Our second collaboration with Konfida, the paper tube and core company. We have prepared various products such as calendars, postcards, posters and agendas for the year 2023. Based on a surreal understanding and a masculine style, I worked with techniques such as gouache, digital and collage in these designs.


Ayşem Kandıralı - Mehry Mu / New Year 2022 auto_awesome_motion

Mehry Mu / New Year 2022

I prepared a new year illustration for Mehry Mu, to be used in invitations and bags. In keeping with the December theme, I used a checkered cloak, velvet cushions and a shimmery night atmosphere. A tiny pet hedgehog was the cutest detail of the drawing. The work has 3 different colors: Burgundy, royal blue and pine green.


Ayşem Kandıralı - Konfida auto_awesome_motion


We have made an extensive cooperation with Konfida, a paper tube and core company. We worked on a calendar, a poster, travel clutches for men & women and various postcards to be sent as gifts to the customers they work with. These products include illustrations that I have created both with gouache and digitally.


Ayşem Kandıralı - Mehry Mu Celestial Collection auto_awesome_motion

Mehry Mu Celestial Collection

In this collaboration with Mehry Mu, I aimed to move away from classical zodiac signs by creating a more brave and imaginative concept. I wanted the person who is going to buy a horoscope bag not only to look at their own horoscope, but also to examine other bags as if they were visiting an exhibition.


Ayşem Kandıralı - Summer Splash Store auto_awesome_motion

Summer Splash Store

We worked together with Mert Aslan on logo design, 2 sticker illustrations and some figures for Summer Splash Store at Club Marvy. I wanted to bring forward the summer content in boho style. I focused on orange, yellow and blue while centering the sun & sea. These drawings became stickers on product packages.


Ayşem Kandıralı - Berfe Tümen auto_awesome_motion

Berfe Tümen

Dear Berfe Tumen wanted to make a nice wedding surprise for her best friend, so we worked together on this Cuban style illustration which will be used as a wedding postcard.

Ayşem Kandıralı - Gamze Biran Yenigün / Excusez Moi auto_awesome_motion

Gamze Biran Yenigün / Excusez Moi

A postcard from Paris... It was our starting point for this work. So I wanted to present Excusez Moi's elegant and timeless jewelry in a Parissien concept. I chose a warm and soft color palette. This illustration is being sent as a card, to the customers who shops from Excusez Moi.


Ayşem Kandıralı - Gügü Design auto_awesome_motion

Gügü Design

I created this work for the brand's new jewelry collection 'New Valentina'. While placing our mature and elegant lady Valentina in the center, I preferred baroque details and cold tones for fictioning a comfortable lifestyle.


Ayşem Kandıralı - Sat-su-ma Studio auto_awesome_motion

Sat-su-ma Studio

A work I made for Sat-su-ma Studio, which uses naturalness in a pure and unique style: A simple day. I imagined of the countryside of a coastal town and placed the brand's products in this compositon. Greens, blues and all natural tones came together in the illustration and gave us a fresh ambience.


Ayşem Kandıralı - Mehry Mu / Mu-festo 2021 auto_awesome_motion

Mehry Mu / Mu-festo 2021

Every new year's eve, Mehry Mu announces a 'Mu-festo'. When they asked me for an illustration to be used on their Instagram post, I created a fresh theme to go along with the blue & white concept. A fresh start to the new year!


Ayşem Kandıralı - Ninon Jewelry auto_awesome_motion

Ninon Jewelry

To me, the words that define Ninon are shining and glamorous! For reflecting these to the drawing, I used a sparkling chandelier, a peacock and a night view. I can't get enough of these lovely earrings, so I wanted to add a big piece of Ninon in the stairs. Dark blue, pink and beige colors went along with fuchsia, which is the main color of the brand. In the end, our new year card became ready for dear Ninonettes!


Ayşem Kandıralı - Karageorgiou Handmade Furniture & Interiors auto_awesome_motion

Karageorgiou Handmade Furniture & Interiors

I created this illustration for Karageorgiou, a furniture & design brand from Greece. Because it will be printed as a Christmas card, it was a warm and sophisticated winter evening ambience in my mind. I really enjoyed using some details like a lead soldier and a snow sphere going along with elegant women and night view. Thus, 'Winter Wine' came to light.


Ayşem Kandıralı - Hande Altun Öncül auto_awesome_motion

Hande Altun Öncül

When Hande Altun Öncül asked for 2 illustrations for her villa, I decided to focus on summer and travel atmospheres. French Riviera and Amalfi Coast was quite aesthetical places for both of us. Therefore I created my compositions in these lovely places. And some surrealistic touches followed them of course! Details like magical letter bottles, a seahorse guardian and a sea urchin cake are discovery objects of these drawings.

Ayşem Kandıralı - Yasemin Hekimoglu auto_awesome_motion

Yasemin Hekimoglu

In this set of 3 pieces I made for dearest Yasemin Hekimoglu, to be placed on her baby's room wall, my intend was creating a fun and tale like atmosphere. The classic 'Alice in Wonderland' has been a nice inspiration! With some colorful and imaginary details, a joyful work came out.

Ayşem Kandıralı - Mehry Mu auto_awesome_motion

Mehry Mu

It was a wonderful experience to work with this Turkish bag brand! In this drawing based on a street theme, I created an impression like we're viewing a public square in Positano. While enjoying architectural details and sophisticated women, you can discover the products from different brands under Mehry Mu roof.


Ayşem Kandıralı - The Bower Monologues auto_awesome_motion

The Bower Monologues

A serie of 8 illustrations for English art magazine The Bower Monologues. Pieces from Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso and Elsa Schiaparelli take place in this project which I tried to express the relationship between art and fashion.


Ayşem Kandıralı - Basak Soykan auto_awesome_motion

Basak Soykan

I made 3 illustrations for dear Basak Soykan's personal collection. I preferred mostly blue pastel tones to create a modern and emotional concept.

Ayşem Kandıralı - Art if Acts auto_awesome_motion

Art if Acts

Art if Acts produces helmet stands with a taste of art. I prepared 2 drawings for them focusing on ancient times and natural tones. These are being used in product packages and as business cards.